Mr Peter Hughes (Chair)

Rev Mark Hathorne

Mr Ian Roberts

Mrs Patricia Kemp

Mrs Teresa Hodson

What are we all about?

We are a small charity that provides furnishings for individuals and families who are facing a new tenancy without any furniture or money to equip a home.

We rely on donations from the public of  furniture and household items to make our parcels up for those households in need.

All our beneficiaries are referred by Wolverhampton Homes, Social Services and other homeless person agencies who are aware of the severe need of the household in question.

We always need people in the community who will collect these items for us and we are extremely grateful to those who constantly collect in their workplace, faith community or neighbourhood and then give us a call for collection.

A typical family of four would receive:

  • three-piece suite
  • table and chairs
  • beds
  • wardrobes
  • chest of drawers
  • bedding
  • cutlery and crockery.

Sometimes clothes, towels and toiletries are needed and sometimes microwaves and saucepans.

We need your help so we can carry on helping those in need.

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